Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund

Share of shares 100%
Suitable for you if
  • you are younger than 55 years (if you are over 55, this fund is suitable for you in combination with a low-risk fund or a bank deposit)
  • and you want to achieve the best possible return and you are not shaken by short-term market fluctuations.
Fund details
Date of inception
15th October 2019
Fund volume
Change in value
Management fee
Total expense ratio
Redemption fee and issue fee
Fund manager's participation rate in fund
0 units
Risk profile
Comparison index
Sustainability information
CO2 intensity
82.26 tons / $1M turnover per year
Share of investments with increased negative impact in the equity portfolio
Controversial Weapons (0.00%); Nuclear Weapons (0.00%); Civilian Firearms (0.00%); Tobacco (0.00%); UN Global Compact Violators (0.00%); Thermal Coal (0.00%); Oil Sands (0.00%)
Tõnu Pekk <br>fondijuht

Tõnu Pekk

fund manager

I follow the principle of Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard index funds: keep the investment in a low-cost fund and “don’t peek” – keep the end goal in sight and don’t spend time or money worrying about small fluctuations. I waited for a long time for someone to set up this kind of fund in Estonia. We finally had to take matters into our own hands.

Tõnu has been working in the investment field for over 20 years. Before founding Tuleva, he headed an investment company he part-owned, Karu Capital. Before that, Tõnu ran Eastern European financial sector development projects at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and worked as head of investment banking at Hansabank. He holds a master’s degree from London Business School-and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tartu.

Frequently asked questions

What is the deadline for the III pillar contribution this year?

We recommend making the final contributions to the third pillar before 27.December

If I don't have 2nd pillar, can I contribute to 3rd?

Yes, if you file your taxes in Estonia, you can open a pension account and contribute to third pillar. You can open the pension account on Tuleva website or in your internet bank.

How does tax benefit on third pillar contributions work?

You can claim tax benefit on third pillar contributions in two ways:

  • When you transfer money to third pillar, the amounts contributed are automatically recorded in your tax return. Once you file your tax return, the government will pay back the income tax on those contributions. You have to make sure, that your contributions won’t exceed 15% of your annual gross income or 6000 euros (whichever is smaller).
  • If you ask your employer to deduct your third pillar contribution directly from your salary, then the employer will not deduct income tax on this contribution. The same maximum limit on 15% of total income or 6000 euros applies.

What are the restrictions for withdrawals? When and how can I use the funds?

You can withdraw your funds from the 3rd pillar whenever you like. The withdrawals are taxed as follows:

  • before you turn 60 years old: 20%
  • after your turn 60 years old: 10%
  • when you are over 60 and draw money down as pension payments: 0%

More detailed info.

Is my money as safe as in banks` pension funds?

Yes. In addition to our own rules and procedures, there are three additional protectors of your assets in Tuleva pension funds:

  • Tuleva is licences by the Financial Inspection of Estonia.
  • All pensioi fund assets are held with our custodian Swedbank. Custodian approves each transaction with fund assets exactly as with funds managed by the bank itself.
  • Tuleva regulatory capital 

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