Third pillar contributions info


In contrast to the second pillar, money is not automatically deposited into the third pillar. After selecting the third pillar fund, you will have to transfer the money to your pension account to purchase units.

You can make contributions one by one or set up a standing order. You can make contributions in our web app. Log in by clicking here:

Make a contribution

Fund units appear on your pension account by the end of the next working day. If you transferred money over the weekend, you will see new units on your pension account by Tuesday evening.

If you want to make a one time contribution to someone else’s Tuleva III pillar fund, use these payment details in your internet bank:

  • Payee: AS Pensionikeskus
      • Account number (choose one):
        • Luminor BankEE961700017004379157
        • SEBEE141010220263146225
        • LHV: EE547700771002908125
      • Reference (Viitenumber): Pension account number (You find the number here)
      • Payment details (Makse selgitus): 30101119828, EE3600001707
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